About Us

We are Brix Academy incorporated in Nigeria,fully recognized continuous Education Institute.

We run programs like TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/SAT/GMAT/ Foundation courses/ Language Courses/ Skill programs & ICT programmes in Nigeria federal capital Abuja.

Our curriculum is little diversified and we would like to give full value to participants and which will be of benefit to their career. We regularly research into new products that will enhance the educational prospects of our students.

Our vision as educationists is to empower through provision of broad, appropriate and adequate curricula offerings, using state of the art technology to provide qualitative and functional science to all our present and prospective students irrespective of nationality, religion or tribe.

Our Mission is to create a dynamic, favorable, modern and  conducive environment for teaching and learning, to produce intelligent, enlightened and highly socialized individuals (youths), who are fit to pursue higher education and become effective, integrated and productive members of the society.

Our strengths

  • Our renowned preparatory class is unrivalled in its comprehensive and incisive treatment of the core elements of the NEW-SAT and TOEFL.
  • Conducive and excellent learning environments.
  • Learning enhanced with state of the art audiovisual materials.
  • Above all, an array of professional, seasoned, proficient and industrious academic instructors.

Brix Academy is committed to:

  • Encouraging Nigerian and International Students to get the best qualitative education without hindrance
  • Creating awareness or the need and necessity for international education
  • Promoting International diversity in education and fostering cooperation among the world’s universities that will lead to student and faculty exchange programs
  • Focusing on issues and problems affecting international students
  • Creating a forum where students express their view and experiences on issues affecting education and aspirations;
  • Highlighting major events in the students’ academic career;
  • Keeping international students abreast of information on issues affecting their countries in the educational sectors.