My Name is Omaka Precious Ozioma “I would definitely recommend Brix Academy to a prospective student considering ICT Studies. There are opportunities here to perform and work with faculty as student accompanists and to teach ICT lessons to other students in the Academy with chances for them to perform as well. Brix Academy feels like a community with faculty that cares about the student as an individual person involved in that community, not just another number in the crowd. Honestly, I do not know of any other Academy that makes you feel more at home than Brix Academy.”

Omaka Precious Ozioma

My name is Sholanke Oluwatobi Samuel “I chose the Brix Academy ICT Department because of the many options it offers for combining Technology with other fields. There is a great sense of community within both the department and the entire Academy, and all of my Instuctors have been wonderful about offering advice throughout my music and college career.

Sholanke Oluwatobi Samuel

rix group is committed in their services and very passionate on their work. I had used their facility for different seminars and their facility was very good. The team was very much organized. Thanks Brix for wonderful support. God bless.

Mr.Majem – Founder & Chairman – Harvest international

The best thing about studying in BRIX ACADEMY was Definitely the lecturers and high quality of lectures. The Relatively class sizes couple with how receptive the Lecturers are to sharing their seemingly unquantifiable Knowledge was no doubts an essential component of the success of my program. It is a great experience studying through BRIX Academy. Long live BRIX Academy.

Test Person

I have been seeking to get a suitable place and conducive. Environment for learning until I find BRIX Academy. My experienced during the program was positive. I gainedboth Practical experience and sight into the theories Underpinning Graphic & Web Design. My Lecturers and Course mate were wonderful. Excellent teaching staffs, Excellent Course structure, excellent timing, Good flexibility in choosing the course. Honestly, I’m most grateful. Long live BRIX Academy for given us this wonderful platform and privilege to study.
Emeka Stephen Omaka

Good teaching

Taribi Annie

Brixgroup is awesome.

Daniel Dorcas

A quite place, good environment, friendly reception, and greate teacher.

Natasha Mkparu

Good environment for studying. The teacher is really good (Chemistry and Physics).